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Safety icons tokens

Safety icons tokens

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Safety pictograms for didactic purposes (Primary + secondary education).
The pictograms can be used for all possible working methods (group work, games, indications, projects, etc.)

Contents of mandatory signs (40 total)

  • 5x Gloves
  • 5x Hearing protection
  • 5x Face protection
  • 5x Safety shoes
  • 5x Helmet
  • 5x Safety glasses
  • 5x Respiratory Protection
  • 5x Work suit

Content of prohibition signs (40 total)

  • 5x No open flame
  • 5x Pedestrians not allowed
  • 5x Forbidden for unauthorized persons
  • 5x Forbidden to drink (not drinkable)
  • 5x Ban on eating and drinking
  • 5x Forbidden to enter
  • 5x Forbidden for pedestrians
  • 5x Forbidden to drive in

Contents of warning signs (36 total)

  • 4x Radioactivity
  • 4x Explosion hazard
  • 4x Fire hazard
  • 4x Warm surfaces
  • 4x Danger
  • 4x Harmful substances
  • 4x Electrocution hazard
  • 4x Corrosive substances
  • 4x Toxic substances

The pictograms have a diameter of 24mm and a thickness of 3mm
The warning signs are 22.5mm high and 25.7mm wide. The thickness is 3mm.

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