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Featured collections

Home decor

Vases and flower pots

Our collection of 3D printed vases and flower pots offers stylish, unique designs that add atmosphere and harmony to your interior.

*Receive a free water jug ​​when you purchase two vases!

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Board games

Dice Towers

Dive into our breathtaking collection of dice towers, specially designed for RPG board games! With their unique style and practical functions, they make every throw an adventure!

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Airpod cases

Protect your AirPods in style with our colorful collection of cases. Available in a rainbow of colours, they not only offer protection, but also a trendy look that perfectly matches your personal style. Mix and match to give your AirPods a unique and eye-catching look!

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Gaming Merchandise

Our gaming merchandise collection offers everything a real gamer needs! From cool controller stands and accessories to collectibles and gadgets. Each item is designed to show your love for gaming. Upgrade your style and give your setup a unique touch with our high-quality products. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for fellow gamers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell digital or physical products?

We only offer physical products produced by us.

Only if you have us draw or design something to measure will you receive the digital file.

How are the prices of products in the webshop determined?

Our products are simulated per production time and material consumption.

Standard rates are:

  • Print time: EUR 2.10/hour excl. VAT
  • Affordable rate if models print for longer than 12 hours: EUR 1.68/hour excl. VAT
  • Material: 7.5 cents/gram excl. VAT
  • We do NOT charge any start-up costs!

In case you want a custom design, we will design it and draw it in 3D:

  • Design costs: 30 EUR/hour
  • Finishing costs: 20 EUR/hour

How high-quality is the plastic that is 3D printed?

Depending on the design or application, the correct material is selected. The pieces are produced on a 3D printer, which can produce a model by building up molten plastic layer by layer. One layer has a thickness of 0.18mm.

EVERY printed part that comes off the machine is carefully checked before we ship. The print lines are still tactile and visible.

Can a model be printed in multiple colors?

Yes! We can print up to five different colors on the same model. If you want more than five colors, the model must be cut into several parts.

Printing in multiple colors requires more production time and more material consumption. Models in multiple colors will therefore always be slightly more expensive.

In which languages ​​can we communicate with you?

We are a Belgian company in the Flemish region. You can always contact us in Dutch or English.

If you contact us by email, we can also assist you in other languages ​​using Google Translate!

I have a broken plastic part that is not available anywhere. Can you replace those?

That's certainly possible! All we need is the part that needs to be replaced. This way we can measure, draw and duplicate your plastic piece.

If the item needs to be shipped to our location, the costs will be borne by the buyer.