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Ply cord maker | Powered via hand drill

Ply cord maker | Powered via hand drill

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You need a hand drill to work with this system!

This ply cord maker is ideal for twisting and wrapping ply cords around each other.
Tighten the center screw in the drill and set it to the LEFT (counterclockwise). The four hook screws can rotate individually when you hold the cord maker. As soon as you mount the brake on the plate, the entire system rotates, twisting your cords around each other.


The entire system is 3D printed and designed to last a long time. Working at high speed is possible, but this affects the service life of the parts.

If you use the brake pad and want to rotate the entire plate, gradually increase the speed. Conversely, when you want to slow down, gradually reduce speed to a complete stop.


The cord maker is equipped with ball bearings and hook screws. Everything is held together with screws. All parts are mounted in such a way that nothing can be unscrewed during operation. All parts that require strength and temperature resistance (such as the plate, gears, ...) are printed in PETG. Only the plexiglass feet are printed in PLA.
The gears have twill teeth that allow them to operate at high speed. The gears (rear) are shielded with 4mm thick plexiglass for your safety.
Total dimensions of this cord maker are 19cm x 19cm x 2.5cm

We chose not to permanently attach the cord maker parts. We opt for a flexible system where the cord maker can be dismantled again. This means that all parts are easily accessible for replacement if necessary.


We currently only offer the cord maker in two versions:

  • CONSTRUCTION KIT | You receive all the necessary parts and tools and build the cord maker yourself. Assembly instructions are included in 1 of the following languages: Dutch, English, German and French

  • ASSEMBLED | Your cord maker is built and tested by us. An information brochure is included in 1 of the following languages: Dutch, English, German and French


The link below shows the YouTube video of "peejter", about the use of the cord maker.

Our cord maker was tested and approved by "Louise French", an experienced cord artist who has been weaving cords for over 35 years! Check out her website:
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