3D printed paintings


Hueforge 3D Prints allows us to convert any artwork photo or image into 3D. By printing different colors on top of each other with a controlled print thickness, the colors are, as it were, "mixed". This is ideal for printing shadows or color transitions, for example.


We are currently testing the software by experimenting with different colors and artwork photos. We would also like to have it hung on the wall or presented on a stand.

Over the next few days you will see some test prints appear on this page. Once the test phase has been completed, we offer the service and you can have us print a fully customized Hueforge painting. Of course we will also offer paintings designed by us in the store!

Second test

The second test was also successful! This time tested with our PRUSA XL machine.

The painting has a length of 30cm. Colors used are black, orange, light blue, white and yellow.

We are currently wondering what exactly we are going to do with the paintings. Do we hang them on the walls, or do we present them on a stand?