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WARHAMMER | Round to square base conversion

WARHAMMER | Round to square base conversion

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Convert your Warhammer units from a round base to a square base with our 3D printed adapters.
With these bases you can play the old game of Age of Sigmar as it should be again!
There is an opening at the bottom of each model so that you can safely remove the unit from the adapter.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Available round to square adapters are:
- Ø25 mm to 25x25
- Ø28 mm to 30x30
- Ø32 mm to 32x32
- Ø40 mm to 40x40
- Ø50 mm to 50x50
- Ø60 mm to 60x60
- Ø80 mm to 80x80
- Ø90 mm to 90x90
- Ø100 mm to 100x100
- Ø130 mm to 130x130
- Ø160 mm to 160x160

OVAL - Bigger conversion
Available adapters from oval to rectangular are:
- 50by25mm to 60x30 (rectangular)
- 60by35mm to 60x40 (rectangular)
- 75by42mm to 75x50 (rectangular)
- 90by52mm to 100x60 (rectangular)
- 120by92mm to 150x100 (rectangular)
- 170by105mm to 170x105 (rectangular)

OVAL - Straight conversion
Available adapters from oval to rectangular are:
- 60by35mm straight to 60bx35mm
- 70by25mm (pill) straight to 70x25mm (rectangular)
- 75by42mm straight to 75x42mm
- 90by52mm straight to 90x52mm
- 105by70mm straight to 105x70mm
- 120by92mm straight to 120x92mm
- 170by105mm straight to 170x105mm

The officially announced square bases are always smaller than the original oval bases, so a fully fitting conversion is never possible (for example Screaming Bell, which is on an oval base of 120 by 92 mm, can never be brought to a 100x60 square base)

The converters marked as "straight" are a direct conversion while preserving the dimensions.

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