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Initiative tracker for RPG board games | Optional add-ons

Initiative tracker for RPG board games | Optional add-ons

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This initiative tracker is a must have for every dungeon master! You can easily click the entire grid on the DM screen, so that all players have an overview of the playing order.
When a mob/player has played his turn, the DM can remove the first arrow from the provided tabs and slide it all the way to the back. All you have to do is give it a little push and everything moves up one place.
There are also arrows on the back so that the DM can always center the arrows nicely. The number is visible on the front and back of every arrow (except the players).

The arrows have enough space to slide and do not fall over. The front plate with the letters "initiative tracker" is used for this purpose, which clicks onto the grid via magnets. The plate can be removed (if necessary).
There is a slot at the back through which you can slide the brackets. You use these brackets to click over your DM screen.
A maximum of 10 arrows can be placed on the grid (Expansion possible without limit).


  • Initiative tracker
  • 3x DM screen mounts
  • 6x enemy arrows with number
  • 2x boss arrows with number
  • 5x player arrows (different color)
Standard colors are produced as shown in the photos. If you would like other colors, please let us know via "personalization".


  • 12x status effects
    (Deafened, Grappled, Poisoned, Restrained, Stunned, Paralyzed, Frightened, Blinded, Charmed, Incapacitated, Prone and Invisible)
You can slide the status effects over the arrows.


  • 6x enemy trackers for 1 inch miniatures
  • 6x enemy trackers for 2 inch miniatures
  • 2x boss trackers for 1 inch miniatures
  • 2x boss trackers for 2 inch miniatures
Place these trackers around your miniature, so that the numbers of your arrows match the miniature!


  • 6x enemy tokens of 1 inch
  • 2x 1 inch boss tokens
  • 2x 2 inch boss tokens
  • 5x 1 inch player tokens
A cheap and easy solution in case you don't have any miniatures! These tokens with numbers simulate all your players, NPCs, enemies and bosses


  • 2x standing brackets
In case you do not want to hang the initiative tracker on your DM screen, you can simply mount these brackets at the bottom. This way the tracker can stand flat on the table.


  • Expansion module (magnet already installed)
  • 1x DM screen bracket
  • 1x Ø6 on 2mm magnet
In case your original tracker is not sufficient, you can use this expansion to expand your standard set with 3 extra arrows. The expansion is designed in such a way that you can click each expansion together, allowing for unlimited expansion!
Slide the DM screen bracket just between the connection so that they stay neatly together.


  • 2x enemy darts (numbers 7-8)
  • 1x boss arrow (number 3)
  • 1x player arrow

Do you want to expand your game with extra players or more mobs? This add-on supplements your initiative collection with even more arrows for an even more extensive game!
This set includes four darts.

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