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Braille writing cards

Braille writing cards

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Card shape

Blind people also like to read their own cards, such as at a birthday or New Year's party. We provide a solution for this by 3D printing your unique message on different shapes. Give blind people the opportunity to read their own card in a fun and tactile way!

Our main goal is to provide visually impaired people with something unique. Of course, these cards can not only be used for congratulations or other pleasure, but also as part of keeping a message hidden, such as in puzzles or escape rooms. Or as didactic material for schools, where these cards have an educational role!


Maximum text size is 4 lines, of which each line can consist of a maximum of 11 characters (including spaces). The total size provided for the text is 9cm width and 5cm height.
It is possible to provide the card in different languages ​​(please take special characters and letters into account)

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