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Airbrush paint bottle rack | ZeroG compatible

Airbrush paint bottle rack | ZeroG compatible

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This rack ensures that you can place all your airbrush paint bottles neatly next to each other and quickly remove them from the holder while you work. Once you want to change color, place the bottle back in place via the airbrush!

The paint bottles rest with their necks on the rack, on an opening with a diameter of 21mm. The rack is ideal for paint bottles with the quick change system (ZeroG)


The rack consists of two levels, each level can hold a maximum of 10 bottles. The space between the base and the first level is 10cm. The space between the first and second levels is 15cm. The total length of the rack is 29 cm, width 10.5 cm and total height 27.1 cm.

The rack is completely 3D printed and still needs to be assembled (screws and tools are included). An assembly manual is included.
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